Solidarity & Mission (SoMi)

Claretian Missionaries (CMF)

We dream of a Congregation

committed to universal brotherhood (Fratelli tutti), justice, peace and the care of the common home (Laudato si’). In a spirit of synodality, we collaborate with people of different cultures, ethnicities and religions for the transformation of the world in accord with God’s plan (cf. CC 46).


a widespread Claretian commitment

Mission Procure

Encourages the missionary awareness of the Congregation and prayer for the missions, and channels the search for funds and resources that allow missionary attention to the populations farthest from Christ or with fewer resources.


Accredited PROCLADE INTERNAZIONALE with various UN institutions. It promotes the enrichment of the information and projects of the UN by making the voice of the Congregation and those who share life with it reach almost 70 nations.

JPIC Secretariat

Coordinates issues related to justice, peace and the defense of the integrity of Creation. Promotes programs aimed at intensifying the commitment of the members and works of the Congregation to the proposals of the Church.

Claretian Mission Day 2024

This year’s Claretian Mission Day is on April 7, 2024, and the theme is “clean Water and sanitation.”

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International Day of Women 2024

International Day of Women 2024

On March 8, 2024, we will celebrate the International Women's Day. A very special day for the Claretian family and for all humanity. We are all called to contribute to gender equality. This time the prayer-reflection has been prepared by the Missionary Sisters of St....

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COP 28 – Update 8

Update 8: December 8 COP28: Action after a rest day: Youth, Children, Education and Skills Fr. Rohan Dominic reporting from the conference venue in the Expo City, Dubai Update 8 - December 8Download Actualización 8: 8 de diciembre COP28: Acción tras un día de...

Climate Change and Environmental Issues

Proclade Internationale Onlus - Claretian Presence at the United Nations
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